Nice that you are passing by and you want to share some of our adventures. I will sometimes translate my videos into English – depending on the interest. 😉

This is the last part of our Tenerife trip in 2020. We enjoyed discovering the island after a 3 month lock-down in complete quarantine. Join us on our adventure hikes and excursions.


In our next story, you will see how we spent our 1st lockdown and how the cats helped us during that time.

I am also happy to share how I found the personal development game coLegend.


We spent the first half of 2020 on Tenerife and I put our adventures in a story – be aware of my used creativity. 😉

At the beginning we spent time with a hermit, continued with an exiting night, then finding a place to stay, discover the surroundings, celebrating carnival, experiencing a storm and now we know what Calima means…

* slightly sweating after all of this

phew …. breath deeply Nadin….


We left our “old” life in Germany behind and made three times housesitting before we left to travel to Tenerife. In this video, I talk about the last sit.

I just translated the audio – sorry that my lips do not fit with the audio. 😉